Made in Loveland
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We wanted to make you aware that we are up and running with a new website. 

Our old website was taken by HugeDomains a company in Denver that trolls for websites up for auction. One of our volunteers forgot to renew our .com site so it was scooped up by this firm and is for sale at $2100. A pricey sum for a non-profit all volunteer organization with little funds. 
Made in Loveland is an all volunteer organization of "Entrepreneurs helping Other Entrepreneurs be Successful"
We are a 501(3) (c)  organization.
Entrepreneur Roundtable Discussion

Every Third Wednesday of the month join local entrepreneurs to discuss whatever you want to talk about.

We meet at the Loveland Creator Space at 6:30  pm.

So if you have a questions we will try to provide answers or refer you to someone that can!